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Dasher Boards and Arena Boards  

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“Leading the Way”

Sports Systems Unlimited has developed “Anodized Aluminum Arena Boards”. Unlike their competitors, their boards are made with high strength, lightweight, mechanically fastened extruded anodized aluminum tubing. Each component is specially designed to fit together, there are no exposed brackets, anchors or strength supports and nothing to trip over.

The finish on the aluminum is clear anodized and is easy to wipe clean and does not rust. A simple cleaning with mild detergent and water regularly is all that is required to maintain it’s beauty indefinitely. The bottom rail provides a straight edge to run a floor cleaning machine along. The appearance is a very clean “high tech” look. These boards are the focal point of the arena.

This is a “one time purchase”, you will never need to replace a set of Sport Systems boards. Owners of these board systems are very happy with the quality appearance, exceptional performance and low maintenance.

Sports Systems Unlimited was not satisfied with strictly their our own judgement of quality, strength and performance during the design stages. Hence, they also employed a professional engineering firm to calculate the load strengths and a professional testing company to test the boards in their facility.

When they say they are “Leading The Way”, this is true. Sports Systems Unlimited does not do anything like the competition. Anodized aluminum is a natural for arena boards. It will become increasingly popular as discerning purchasers compare the advantages to that of steel for a similar price.

The Sport Systems Aluminum Dasher Boards are ideal for Multi-Purpose Facilities including Indoor, Outdoor, Hockey, Inline, Figure Skating, Lacrosse and Soccer facilities. A 96" panel weighs 150 pounds, less than half the weight of steel boards. They are scratch resistant and do not rust. Our boards are not welded, the fastenings are concealed. 'Structural aluminum' makes our boards light, but extremely strong and flexible. The same 'structural aluminum' is used for the "curtain wall " on high-rise glass buildings . They are definitely heavy duty.

For more information on Sports Systems Unlimited, call toll free: 1-877-778-5911 or visit their website at: