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Building and Constuction: 

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Recognizing a need for a specialized team of design-build professionals for high profile commercial customers, Cover-All Building Systems, Inc. created Summit Structures to provide complete project management and turnkey building services to the world. Since its inception, Summit has vaulted to the top of the fabric building industry – providing innovative solutions to a wide range of high profile clients.

Expert Sales Staff
Cumulatively, Summit sales staff accounts for over 100 years of experience in the fabric building industry. In addition, a rich compliment of professional backgrounds that include a range business ownership experiences, law, construction management, professional athletics, engineering, and pedagogy means that our clients have an instant sense of confidence and appreciate our approach to business.

Over the decades, Summit's sales staff has accumulated an exhaustive network of suppliers and related professionals to help ensure that each Summit client receives the project-related information they require. Summit sales experts go far beyond simply pricing a building, to actually providing individualized consultation on every aspect of the project: mechanical, electrical, floor surfaces, amenities, facility layouts, life-cycle costing, and building code issues.

In-House Design Department
From the professionals in the Design and Engineering Department, Summit's clients receive all the stamped documentation pertaining to the building and, if requested, the foundation. Far beyond a simple set of drawings, Summit's in-house engineers work with other on-site professionals to create a structure that matches the dreams and needs of our clients. From the highly specialized design of a nuclear plant disassembly site, to mobile reclamation enclosures, to intricately linked conference facilities, the engineering department welcomes innovative designs and works to translate those ideas into a functional, workable reality.

Comprehensive Project Management
At the forefront of our customer-centered approach, the Project Management team is responsible for attending to every minute installation detail surrounding your project. While working closely with a number of different professionals involved with each project, the members of the Project Management Department have the ability to look for cost-saving innovations and creative solutions for every building challenge. Our project managers have gained the valuable knowledge required to complete your project on time and within budget, as well as eliminate the most common hurdles on any construction site: Surprises.

Professional Installation Crews
Underlining the value of buildings designed and erected by Summit is the dedication and efficiency of our in-house installation crews. Our crews demonstrate workmanship and precision rarely found on any construction site, bringing the drawings of your facility to life. Regardless of site conditions, weather, or location, Summit installation crews strive to ensure that our scope of work meets or exceeds required deadlines: we don’t believe that the onus of construction automatically rests with our clients unless they elect to do so. Our installers have a combined 50 years' experience in the field, erecting buildings in every corner of the world. Summit installers have a particular skill in working with other contractors and professionals on site to ensure that projects progress quickly. Our confidence in construction, coupled with the Summit Warranty, means that we stand firmly behind our products and workmanship so that customers can be confident in the value of their building.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities
Our expansive headquarters combines 20,000 square feet of corporate offices with two massive Titan structures enclosing the 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space. As the true benchmark within the fabric building industry, our plant is home to the most innovative techniques and machinery available. Customers who experience the manufacturing facility first-hand are instilled with a sense of awe and confidence; most likely, a visit to any other manufacturing facility in North America will not have the same impact. More than 200 employees are committed to the same corporate vision – ensuring that each customer is supported and completely satisfied throughout their Summit experience. Summit™ Structures buildings are produced at an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility; whose quality management system has been certified by Intertek Systems Certification.

The manufacturing plant has invested hundreds of hours to implement and maintain the quality system including two full time staff members for the past two and a half years, dedicated to the office and to the plants. This is an ongoing expense to maintain and improve our quality management system. An outside consultant was hired (as per ISO 9001:2000 requirements) to handle the 5 day facility registrar audit and annual surveillance audits of 3 - 5 days.

Summit Has You Covered
Summit truly is an international company. From North America to the U.K. and beyond, Summit has offices to efficiently serve clients around the world. Summit LLC is the United States Sales Office located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Summit UK is based in Nantwich, Cheshire and has both professional sales and construction teams to meet the needs of clients around the United Kingdom and Western Europe. In addition, Summit has a regional presence in Germany, Poland, and additional continental U.S. locations to help ensure the most widespread representation possible. In the near future, additional regional sales offices are slated to further advance our position as an industry leader.

Summit's commitment to you
Summit Structures is here for continued support and warranty commitment, from the planning stage to final construction and long after your building is in use. Ask for references from any one of our hundreds of clients – Summit stands behind each job; customers are never left adrift with the installation of their structure, nor are they abandoned once construction of their new facility is complete.

Summit Structures can be reached by calling toll free: 1-800.615.4777 or visit their website at: